Welcome to Crevi AS

Crevi AS is a young company founded as an engineering company, 2004 in Bergen. Since then, our company has been providing quality products to our customers

Our philosophy is ”satisfaction of the customer in the first place”, and we fulfill that philosophy by finding innovative solutions to the challenges and ideas presented to us. Crevi is leading the way in mechanical construction, 2D-technical drawing, FEM analysis, 3D-drawing and rendering. The 3D-model analysis allows us to prevent faults and problems early in the design step. Our engineers are prepared to offer advice on the latest in mechanical solutions and design.

Crevi AS has many years of experience with advanced engineering for large and demanding customers. Our goal is to be the customers expert on structural understanding, analysis and simulation.

Crevi AS take ideas and drawings and virtualize them at an early stage in the process. This gives the customer a chance to alter and optimize the product early in the process, thus saving valuable time and money.

Crevi AS has many years of experience with product design and prototyping; from large production lines for demanding customers, to small and unique products. We take the customers idea or challenge and offer a range of solutions to suit their needs.

Contact us

Crevi AS Norway Phone: 55 29 74 00, Fax: 55 29 74 01, E-mail: post@crevi.no Design og utvikling 123 On web