Crevi AS has many years of experience with advanced engineering for large and demanding customers. Our goal is to be our customers expert on structural understanding, analysis and simulation. Our assignments spans from small and simple geometries, such as light poles, to large complex mechanical systems; bulk loading stations and riser turning units. It is our experience that a close dialogue with the customer is invaluable throughout the process


Crevi AS takes care of the entire process from initial planning, trough manufacturing and testing and all the way to installation, commissioning and training.


Our customers often have projects where there is a demand for designing the product to a pre-existing standard. We work according to NORSOK, SOLAS, ASME, ISO, NS, DNV, BS, Machine directive, among others, in addition to the project specific requirements.



Our competence :

  • Product development and optimization
  • Drawing (3D-, Assembly-, Work-,Presentation-, Sheet metal-, Exploded view-)
  • Finite element analysis metal structures (stress, deformation, safety, modal)
  • Finite element analysis composite structures (stress, deformation, safety, modal)
  • Composite ply book
  • Design reports according to project specific requirements and regulations.
  • Dynamics
  • Vibration analysis
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic
  • Automation (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric with control systems).
  • Documentation (manuals, design reports, material specification)
  • Rendering and animation.



Tools :

  • Ansys professional 12.1 for FEM calculation
  • Ansys ACP 12.1 for composite FEM calculation and Plybook
  • Autodesk Inventor 2012 (our primary drawing tool for 3D and 2D drawings)
  • Autocad 2012 (our secondary drawing tool)
  • Autodesk 3D studio for rendering and animation
  • Microsoft Office.


Contact us

Crevi AS Norway Phone: 55 29 74 00, Fax: 55 29 74 01, E-mail: post@crevi.no Design og utvikling 123 On web