Rendering / Animation

One of our main fields is describing unbuilt designs, such as projects, spaces and concepts, through images, animations and prototypes. Powered by this understanding we can improve the design, reveal obstacles and enhance functionality. We take ideas and drawings and virtualize them at an early stage in the process. This gives the customer a chance to alter and optimize the product earlier in the process, thereby saving valuable time and money.


We have taken this one step further and combined it with finite element calculation for metal and composite materials. This gives the customer important information about the products strengths and deformations, and the possibility to change or combine the materials during the process.


We have also the possibility to virtually put the product into its environment; a machine placed in a workshop, a crane on a ship or a pump under water.


Industrial design is all about using well proven and creative methods for developing innovative and quality products with distinct user benefits, which communicate well with their users, surroundings and market.



A well designed product is known by its:

  • Well communicated and experienced user benefits
  • Pleasant shape and strong brand identity
  • Good usability and ergonomics
  • Correct production costs


Our experience within industrial design and product development shows that the best result is achieved when the designer and the customer work together as a team. It is wise to involve industrial design at an early stage of the product development process, as this is where the strategic decisions regarding the product’s shape and function are made.


As an option to traditional prototypes, our extensive competence within 3D communication makes us able to produce photo realistic product illustrations within all stages of the product development. This will in many cases result in reduced development costs and time-to-market, as the product can be studied in detail before production.

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